Vital Stats
Real Name - Fiz Jamal
Vancouver, Canada
Current Locale
Tokyo, Japan
Influences in Music
Daniel Kandi (best in the world),
Above & Beyond (for sure - truly best in trance),  
Roger Shah, Airwave (truly amazing), Solaris, Oakenfold (current Oaky especially)
DNA (best in the world),
Astral Projection (for sure), Indra, John OO Flemming,
Wizzi Noise, Space Buddha, Future Prophecies

Front 242 (best in the world),
Cubinate (oh why did they ever break up!!!), Birmingham 6 (again, why did they ever break up!!!), FrontLine Assembly, Apoptygma Berzerk (the older stuff), Project Pitchfork

Mylene Farmer (French musician), Depeche Mode (mid-old and semi new stuff, not the new-new stuff), Duran Duran (no cliches please), Delerium, Alizee, BoA (very talented and a hell of a dancer), Hyori (Female Korean musician, truly sexy, yum yum)

About FizziLife Music

My music is a bunch of different things. I try to really let loose, let my emotions go, really get the purest and deepest emotions out of my thoughts and put them into my music. I think that music is a very special thing because music can really capture amazing feelings and inspire so much energy, more so than any other thing in life.

Music can say what words cannot. Music is within the hearts of all of us. I hope that you enjoy my work.

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